In2Work Employment Academy


FACT: 82% of on-line job vacancies require at least Baseline Digital Skills (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

FACT: Roles requiring digital skills pay 29% over those that do not

FACT: The risk of automation (and therefore redundancy) is reduced by a dramatic 59% in roles that require Specific Digital Skills.

The In2Work Employment Academy is dedicated to getting people of all ages who want to work into meaningful employment in the Digital Economy, the place to be for job security and career progression opportunities.


If you are keen to work in Sales/CRM, Design, Marketing, Data Analytics or IT Networking and Support. The digital economy is so diverse and not just about software!

We offer a challenging Open Age 16-week Digital Skills Driven Traineeship Programme designed specifically to equip you with the knowledge, skills and mindset to enter and progress in today’s work environment.


A Traineeship Programme is Government-backed and combines, as required, maths, English and digital employability skills training with direct work experience. With a focus on digital skills, we are committed to making sure you have the baseline digital skills required by today’s workplaces.